We Are 3 Years Old.

Just like yesterday, We launched Swiftspeed Appcreator; intending to help small and large businesses to reach their customers on mobile. In our pursuit of a smooth operation of open, free, quality, and cost-effective businesses model, we have been able to acquire thousands of users across the world; converting their Apps and business ideas into a mobile reality. The number speaks for us:

Over the cause of our experiences in mobile application development, we have taken the industry by surprise with a leading and transparent business model that helps even novice make quality and industrial standard mobile applications for free without coding. Don’t be surprised that many of those successful applications on Google Play were created with Swiftspeed Appcreator. Do you want proof? Never mind, We will give you three:

TvSeries App

Swiftspeed Appcreator

Invoice Maker App

Why are we telling you about this?

We are happy, happy that with your help and support as our customer, we have been able to sustain the platform with progressive API updates, bug fixes, upgrades, and constant development that help us thrive together with you. Providing free software and premium support services for free cannot be underemphasized, but we felt no financial impact; thanks to your contributions. I mean, your premium support upgrade and the few bucks you spend on removing ads from your app completely and having access to advanced statistics with app ROI, This is how we have been able to sustain the platform, thanks to you again.

To celebrate our 3 years with you, We created a coupon of $20USD on all our available premium plans.

The Paid App Plan will now be sold at $30USD per year instead of the initial $50USD. Click here to buy it.

The White Label Platform plan will now be sold at $80USD per year instead of the initial $100USD. Click here to buy it.

We are already the cheapest App Maker in the world considering our initial pricing, yet we are celebrating our 3 years and giving out our premium packages to you at giveaway prices. Hurry now and enter:


As your coupon code on the checkout page. We can not wait to welcome you to our paid users community. Note if you are already a premium plan user, you can buy again and the new duration of your purchase will be added to your existing expiry period.

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