There are terms and conditions we would encourage our users / customers to take note before proceeding to use our platform, those are listed below, kindly review thoroughly and strictly abide as we may take strict decision on violator applications or the entire account.



SWIFTSPEED APPCREATOR is an open source application software which makes all it’s intellectual property available directly on its server in order to help both dummies and expert application developer create their project for free, be informed that every server requires efficient management to keep running, both financially and physical monitoring, We do not limit resources a user can access or use for every of their application; all modules are simply provided, therefore we encourage customers to delete applications or resources created from their admin backend that isn’t receiving too much attention or regarded as spam or irrelevant.

We have algorithm that routinely scan customers application to figure if the Application/Applications created is consuming unnecessary load on our server resources. Although you should be fine with creating several mobile applications for yourself and your clients without by-passing the resources limit we set for each users. In rear cases of otherwise of this term, our support team may reach out to you requesting that you migrate you to custom plans and you may have to pay for the specific application that is violating our term of service, failure to do so, we in our sole discretion may have the application suspended indefinitely after 15 days of our notification.



Be informed that you’re responsible for every application that you create with our solution, if your applications are published on Apple store or Playstore you’re responsible to ensure that they all complies with the stores policies. In case of violation of intellectual property or other stores distribution violations, publisher [Customer/Users] shall be held responsible to fix all the possible issues to bring their applications into compliance.



We provide 90% of our resources modules on our software for free, but however not all the modules or features you can add to your applications to enhance functionalities are free. Example, if you wish to use [MODERN CHAT FEATURES, NOTIFICATION FEATURES, QUIZ FEATURES and few other features you may be required to purchase these feature in our market place. Additionally if you’re representing a co-operate organizations and you do not wish to show ads on your application you may need to buy full control of the ads component/space of that spefic application, after the payment is made, full control on ad base will be assigned to the specific application; after which you can choose to leave or remove ads completely from your application.



We offer refunds for any additional features that you subscribe for to enhance your application functionalities only within 10days of your initial purchase. Any moment after that will deem to have lapsed. Note that refunds does not apply to all the services we offer, example, “request services” from us to help you achieve something, Making payments to help you buy and setup your store accounts, “GOOGLE PLAYSTORE or APPLE IOS STORE”. As said earlier no refund request shall be process if the initial purchase has been made above the stipulated period of 10Days.



As the publisher of your application you’re mandated to check from time to time to ensure your application is in compliance of our policy as stated in [ 1.0] of this page. If we discover your application to be spam we may remove it immediately from our system without prior warning or notice. We determine what constitutes a violation or otherwise of our rules. If you wish to use our solution to manage your audiences, you have to make sure that every application within the jurisdiction of your personal account is unique, real and are in compliance. Our customer support are available to get you the best of advices on how to ensure that your apps are successful in the store. If we discover that a user or customer is creating more spam than our system can handle we may block or delete that user as security measure to prevent users from circumventing our system.



We allow the provision for monetization of applications, however the ads space is share 80:20%, which explains that you own 80% of the space within your application and we use only 20%, this is how we profit as a business and keep our employees and developers in job. The 20% we are sharing with you is to ensure the management of the Application resources you’re using, although as you’re already informed that our software is open sources and almost everything is achievable, you may purchase a one time payment of total ad-space control and own 100% of your applications ad-space. But we think this isn’t necessary as 80:20 is fair enough deal for you, sometimes we understand that this is not always the case, you may want to have full control of the ads in your application for the following reasons:

1 Earn all 100% revenue

2 Disable Ads for the entire application until you have enough user base or it’s a co-operate application for your client and you do not wish to put ads at all.


We do not publish application that you make with our solution on you behalf, you’re responsible to advertise and market your own application yourself, although we offer services to publish the Application for you at a price or infact help secure your own personal account where you can publish as many app as you want.

You’ll only be able to generate apk and source codes for the application that you make, then you can promote the Application on app store by securing your personal account. Additionally we deny any responsibilities of ownership of your application as you’re responsible for them, you need to ensure they are managed efficiently.


If you need more clarification on this terms and conditions please send email to us Here

We will try as much as possible to get back to you within 2 business days.