There are terms and conditions we would encourage our users / customers to take note before proceeding to use our platform, those are listed below, kindly review thoroughly and strictly abide as we may take strict decision on violator applications or the entire account.


There are terms and conditions that must be abided by users / customers who are interested in using our solution to create powerful android and IOS Applications. It is important that these terms are taken into serious consideration before proceeding to use our platform, kindly review thoroughly and strictly abide as we may take strict decision on violator applications or the entire account.


SWIFTSPEED APPCREATOR is an open source application software that allow users to create cross platform and powerful mobile applications without having any knowledge of programming.

It is imminent to note that every big software requires a powerful server and efficient management to keep running, both financially and physical monitoring, We do not limit resources or features a user can access or use in any of their application; therefore we encourage customers to delete applications or resources created from their admin backend that is not receiving too much attention or regarded as spam or irrelevant. We have algorithm that regularly scan customers application to understand if the Application/Applications created uses much of our server resources; although you should be fine to create several applications for yourself and your clients without by-passing the resources limit we set for each users as long as the content does not contain too many jargons; If it does, our support team may reach out to you to migrate you to custom plans and you may have to pay for the specific application that is violating our term of service by bridging through the allocated resources limits, failure to abide may result on us taking stricter actions against your app. Actions may include but not limited to suspension or complete deletion of such application after 15 days of our notification.


Be informed that you’re responsible for all Applications that you create with our solution, if your applications are published on Apps store or Google Playstore you’re responsible in ensuring that they all comply with the stores policies. In case of violation of intellectual property or other stores distribution violations, publisher [Customer/Users] shall be held responsible to fix all the possible issues to bring their applications into compliance.

Please read AppStore and Google play policies to stay in the brighter side and build an app community that allow your business to thrive.


We may respond to DCMA request against any application that has been created and managed on our platform. We take copyright seriously, therefore we advise and recommend that you ensure to be in compliance of this law. Ensure that your application is created from scratch and beware of using copyrighted resources on your application.

If a DCMA request is filed against your application we may suspend such application and thereby preventing you access to re-create, fix or edit the application either on front-end or back-end.

Your application users will not be able to access the application installed on their mobile phone

We will send you a notification of the Request we received against your application. You may contact the complainant directly and if you feel it’s a false claim you may file counter notification by sending us justification for the resources present in your app to


Upon the receipt of your counter notification we may reinstate your application if the complainants does not file lawsuit against your application within 14business days. You may read more about the DCMA on lumen database or use a simple google search.


Presently, there’s only free subscription on our platform and we intend to maintain that as long as we can, which means you just have to fill the subscription form after entering your app name, and click few buttons. You do not have to pay a penny for the subscription and you can always cancel and renew as you see fit.

Without subscription you cannot edit your application, add features or remove futures. Apart from that, you may want to generate source code or Apk to test your application on your phone. Without subscription this cant be done.

In our sole discretion and commitment to be the best app-software provider we allow users to have the source code of their application/applications. This source code can run on any IDE such as Android studio for androids or Xcode for IOS. You can also generate Apk directly from your editor.

Please do not misuse this feature if you want it to remain. At any time in our sole discretion we may remove the Apk generator if we continue to see breach in our term of service.


We offer paid support, this include being available 24/7 to provide technical support to paid users. The support include but are not limited to,

24/7 App monitoring

Technical support

Developer support

Paid Customization

and lots more.

Pricing $5USD per month.

You may contact us on support@swiftspeedappcreator.com to get started.


We provide 100% of our resources modules on our software for free. If you’re a developer, and you wish to make a module, please contact us. This project is open source therefore we welcome anyone to create functionalities and fine tune features to enhance their applications.


As the publisher of your application you’re mandated to check from time to time to ensure your application / Applications are in compliance of our policy as stated in [ 1.0] of this page. If we discover your application to be spam we may remove it immediately from our system without prior notice.

We determine what constitutes a violation or otherwise of our rules. If you wish to use our solution to manage your audiences you have to make sure that every of your applications are unique, real and are in compliance.

Our customer support are available to get you the best advices on how to ensure that your apps are successful in the store with impressive installs. If we discover that a user or customer is creating more spam than our system can handle we may block or delete that user as security measure to prevent users from circumventing our system.



Incase you have been doing some thinking on how we earn income after providing all of these for free; anyways here is your answer. We monetize through ads, this is why the success of your application is one of the utmost concern to us, it is until your application is successful that we earn money.

Revenue are generated by sharing ads space with you.

Be informed that you own 75% of your ads space, and we use 25% how beautiful and generous?. This basically means that in your application, your ads are displayed 75% of time and just 25% for us.

We understand that occasionally you might not want to use ads at all in your application, therefore you can buy full control of your ads space. This means that you will own 100% of your ads space and you can choose to use ads on the entire 100% or not use ads at all.

Pricing for this service is $10USD per month.

If you are interested, you may send us an email on support@swiftspeedappcreator.com to get started


We do not publish application that you make with our solution, you’re responsible to advertise and market your own application yourself, although we offer services to publish the Application for you at a price or infact help secure your own personal account where you can publish as many app as you want.

You’ll only be able to generate apk and source codes for the application that you make, then you can promote the Application on app store by securing your personal account. Additionally we deny any responsibilities of ownership of your application as you’re responsible for them, you need to ensure they are managed efficiently.

If you need more clarification on this of service please send email to us on support@swiftspeedappcreator.com

We will try as much as possible to get back to you within 2 business days.

Note that this term of service is subjected to changes at any point in time, it is your duty to check the link regularly on swiftspeedappcreator.com