New feature Added to Swiftspeed Appcreator

We know it’s been a long while since you last heard from me; that’s because I do not want to disturb you unless I have a solid update. So, as we are committed to ensuring your app’s success, we have added three new sets of features to our platform.

1. The Training Video Feature (Available on Free Plan)

You can now use the training video feature to check how features work on our platform; this can be found in your app Editor LEFT-HAND SIDE dashboard MENU by navigating to MODULE>TRAINING VIDEO. See the screenshot below

2. INBOX FEATURE (Available only on Paid Plan & White Label)

We have brought one of the most requested features, The INBOX feature: this feature allows you to have one-on-one communication with your app users directly; this is useful for companies that prioritize customer support or a medical app where doctors and patients can communicate privately. This feature can be used for any case scenario of any private conversation.

Enter Title and Details of your messages; You can also attach any file

Choose between sending this to all the app users or a specific user. You can also search for a user as long as the user has signed up for an account on your app; choose if you want that user to get a push notification of your new message or not. You can also schedule when you want that message sent to the user

Here is how it looks on the Users End

3. Miga Iframe Feature (Available only on Paid Plan & White Label)

You can embed your web property with this feature; for example, we embedded our company official website in our app using the new MIGAIFRAME feature

If you are on the free plan and you wish to have access to this new cool feature, please UPGRADE your plan to any paid plan

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