Create Your First Application With Free Subscription on Swiftpeed Appcreator

We recommend you watch the above video, if this is delivered to your email address and you can’t see the video please click here to watch on your mobile browser or read below.

Please note that subscription is free and you don’t need to enter any of your card details to proceed, just your company or personal address and you’re good to go


without this you can not see the Apk generator feature and source code download, you practically cannot edit your application at all without making this free subscription.

Enter the desired name for your application and Click on create 




After filling in your information, be reminded that no credit card is required as all subscription is free. Just select subscription by ticking the box and click on save


Accept our privacy policy and click on validate


Violaa you’re done


go back to the application Admin editor and you’ll see a green inscription with “ Valid subscription” beneath your app. Options to edit your application will be available and you can also download both Android & Ios Source code and as well generate APK for app testing.

Click generate Apk, wait 1Minute for your app sources to generate and you’d be email a link to download your apk, you can also download it from the editor back end too

Publishing your already created application on our free Appmaker platform SWIFTSPEED-APPCREATOR is important as that grants you access to download and testing functionalities. After Publishing Your Application, you’d have options to download source code for both the android and iOS version of the application you created. You can as well generate the apk and have our software compile the apk and make available from your editor back end, all you have to do is click on generate apk and after 60seconds your apk is available for downloading, you can then install the apk on your phone for live testing.. I hope that this is well explained in the video, if it isn’t kindly leave a comment.



SIGNUP & LOGIN Issues has been fixed and improved with “SOCIAL LOGIN”.

First Let me start by telling y’all how sorry we are on  the recent bug issues which prevented so many users from signing up, we appreciate your quick gesture to getting us informed about this issue’s.

I’m happy to inform you all that our technical team had the issue fixed already and even bring more convenient ways to sign in through your social media accounts to our appcreator platform, such as Facebook, Google & Twitter.

you may check out the new update on our signup/login page here


Should you need with inquiry, find a bug or report an issue kindly reach out to us by opening a support ticket here


Best Regards 

Jane T





Good day everyone, I would like to give special appreciation to all executives invitee’s present My distinguished developers, technology entrepreneurs and my astute audience.

Yes, we are off to a flying start, but before we begin to fly around the world and open our software solution to begin with, we’d like to discuss what brought about our idea of creating a system that works for all, the benefits and uses.

Swiftspeed AppCreator is a brainchild of SUT Technologies, a development-oriented and fully incorporated startup in Nigeria and the first of its kind in Africa. The initiative was motivated by the desire to simplify what would otherwise require some esoteric knowledge of coding and other associated components of app creation. The implication of this is that, with our DIY app creator, those seeking to create applications for their respective desired functions would be able to do so without some extended professional knowledge that might otherwise be needed in the absence of our easy app creation tool.

The uses of apps you can create with the Swiftspeed App Creator are limitless and as such, the possibilities endless.

Some of them include:
1. Creation of interactive and smooth Instant Messaging Apps.
2. Creation of apps that can be monetised through AdSense, Admob etc.
3. Creation of video apps
4. Creation of apps for blogs.

The legal uses of the Swiftspeed App Creator are only limited by your choices and guess what? It’s open source! This means that all Apps created will be without watermark and our users would be free to input theirs.

If you’re excited and ready to get started on your journey of DIY app building, then hurry and sign up now. Registration and app creation are absolutely free as far as our tool is concerned. However, if you’d require paid functionality that our tool can’t provide, our developers would be more than happy to facilitate this for you easily for the required token, the same applies to those who’d rather have us manage and build the applications.

Swiftspeed App Creator is your passport to easy app development, sign up for free today and be a part of this journey.


Go get started, make judicious use of it, make us proud just so you can enjoy us to do more, to keep working, and to make the world better.

I give special credit to my brother and my friend AYODELE OLUWATOSIN, he’d have been here if it was possible, he made this happen, he made this speech happen.

Thanks to all my friends, y’all made this possible.

Another one of my goals in 2018 has been achieved, I’ll always be happy and grateful for that.



Akinola Abdulakeem Akinade




Hi thanks, I’m Akin, I’d like to update you on the features we have added so far

See them below



Launch your own Craigslist-like app. With this feature, you can now add a local Classified Ads marketplace for your users to offer products and services through your app. Set up your marketplace and let the users publish classified ads as they would have done on Craigslist. (Paid feature)

Siberian CMS App Maker’s Places feature


If you need to create a directory of businesses, this feature is for you!
Add useful information in your mobile app with a directory of nearby places and points of interest. The businesses can be displayed all in one map. The advanced search system also allows your users to filter and search for the specific place they are looking for.Siberian CMS App Maker’s Inbox feature


Need to send private messages with rich content and attachments to specific users? That’s the feature you are looking for. Choose the user(s) you want to inform and they will get your private message with videos, text, images and attachments right in their Inbox feature. And, of course, they can answer you. (Paid feature)Siberian CMS App Maker’s Push notification feature



Contact your users whenever you want and whenever the need arises. It’s unlimited. Schedule your notifications to be sent on specific dates and times. Send a geofenced notification to your clients based on their location. Thanks to the Topic feature and the Individual push notification module (paid one), you can communicate also to groups of interest and to a specific user. Push are also used natively in different features to send accurate alerts when required.

  • Siberian CMS App Maker

Create topics to offer some lists of interests and get your users base segmented on which lists they want to subscribe to. This way, send specific notifications and messages.


Hi, welcome and thanks for visiting our website, glad and extremely happy to see you here, I hope you have read through our homepage and I supposed you already know or have an insight of what the platform is about. Please be informed that the platform is still in a beta state and it’s not fully functional yet so even if you create account at this time. You can’t get approval to commence your project.

Please stay with us, the platform shall be launched in two weeks time. See You Again on Monday Oct 15 2018.


Jane T