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This feature will allow you to integrate native WooCommerce store in your application. This integrate differently from the feature WooCommerce Link which is just a link to your store. It has premium customization that gives your app the commerce look it deserves. If you are still unclear on how to get started with your app, please read here.

First of all, you have to connect to your WordPress admin panel. Then go to the WooCommerce tab > Settings.
Once in the settings, click on the “API” tab. Now enable the “REST API” just like the following picture, and save.

how to integrate woocommerce in your app

Now go to general Settings of WordPress > Permalinks
In the Common Settings part, you can choose whichever you want, except from “Plain” or it will not work.

how to integrate woocommerce in your app

Then let’s go back to WooCommerce > Settings > API. We will now create the API keys. To do this click on “Keys/Apps”. Once in the panel, click on “Add key”. Now enter a description of your API key (this is just for you to see), choose your user, and put the permissions on “Read/Write”. Once you’re done click on “Generate API Key”

how to integrate woocommerce in your app

You will then arrive on this following page:

how to integrate woocommerce in your app

Warning: you have to copy/paste the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret somewhere now, because they won’t be available anymore when you leave this page.Otherwise you would have to revoke the key and create another one.

Now let’s go to your Swiftspeed Appcreator dashboard, we’re just a few steps from launching your WooCommerce store in your app.

Add the feature WooCommerce by clicking on . This appears:

how to integrate woocommerce in your app

Enter the following datas:

  • WooCommerce url: the url of your WordPress Website (if your shop is here:, you have to type this:
  • Header: you have to upload an image header
  • Consumer Key and Consumer Secret: these are the codes you have created earlier and, obviously, copied/pasted as we have told you!
  • You can also add links to your Facebook Page, Twitter account or Instagram account if you want.
  • Items per page: this will set the number of items displayed in your page by default. When you scroll down, the other items will be automatically displayed.

You can also set the payment through Paypal and Stripe if you want, in order for your users to pay directly from the app.

If you don’t set the API keys for Paypal and Stripe, the users will be redirected to your WooCommerce store through a link and will pay on the website.

Now let’s see the result in app:

Home screen of the WooCommerce feature:

Products Page:

You’re now ready to sell from your App !

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