How To Import Your App Source Code To Android Studio

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One of the major reasons why Swiftspeed App Maker has remained the best over the years is its ability to Integrate Source Code In Android Studio and Xcode.

Our app builder is one of the few available open source app creator software that provides cross platform app source codes to users. To integrate source code in android studio, see the below video or continue reading.

Except in rare cases or you wish to further develop your application with features our platform does not have, there’s absolutely no reason why you will want to use Android Studio to generate APK. It is total waste of time as we have made provision for APK generator in your editor area. Our APK generator gives you access to test or publish your app immediately and download either your APK or source codes.

with button clicks, see the image below:

Integrate Source Code In Android Studio


Well if you still insist to go ahead with this tutorial what the above video or keep reading. To get started you need to download the latest version of Android Studio if you do not have one already. Then download your source code from our admin Editor Area.


It will be in Zip form, Create a new folder, move the downloaded source code to, the folder and then unzip it. Now launch you Android Studio.

Click on “Import project”.

Integrate Source Code In Android Studio

Then choose the Android Source folder you have unzipped, and click on “import”.

When your project is imported, from the left menu, click on Build and select Build bundle/APK’s then Select Build Apk.


In few minutes the girdle build will be completed and the page below will be shown.

Click on Locate and your Apk file will be revealed

Rename it and send it to your android device for live testing.


VIOLA!! you are done.


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