How To Publish App On Apple App Store For iPhones

How To Publish Your App On Apple App Store For iPhones

Once your app build is created, sign in to your iTunes Connect account on To publish App on the Apple App store

1. Click My Apps.


2. Click + and select New App.


3. Complete The Following To Publish App On Apple App Store:

Note: The bundle ID is the unique identifier you have used to create your app build.
The SKU Number is a unique ID for your app; the users will not see it. You don’t have to perform these steps (1 to 3 ) if you have purchased our publication service, but to start from these steps:


4. In-App Information, select your app’s category; you can also select a secondary category (optional).
Optional, you can enter a URL that links to your organization’s privacy policy.

NotePrivacy policies are required for made for Kids or offer automatically renewable In-App Purchases or free subscriptions. They are also required for apps with account registration, apps that access a user’s existing account or otherwise required by law. Privacy policies are recommended for apps that collect user- or device-related data.

5. Click Save.

6. Click the Pricing and Availability tab.

7. In the Price Schedule, select the Price of your app.

This determines the App Store price and your proceeds. If your app is free, choose Free.
If you want to sell your app, you must have a Paid Application Agreement.



8. In Availability, by default, all territories are selected, but you can select the countries where your app will be available.




9. Click Save.

10. Click the Prepare for Submit tab.

11. In Version Information, first add the screenshots of your app.

Choose the device type and drag your images for each format.

iPhone: 5.5-inch display (iPhone 6Plus):  1242 x 2208
You can use a 5.5-inch display for all iPhone display sizes.

iPad:  12.9-inch display (iPad Pro): 2048×2732
You can use a 12.9-inch display for all iPad display sizes.
Or 9.7-inch display:  1536 x 2048 (iPad Retina) or 1024×768 (iPad 2)

12. Enter the following information for your app:


– Promotional Text (optional):

Promotional text lets you inform your App Store visitors of any current app features without requiring an updated submission. This text will appear above your description on the App Store for customers with iOS 11 or later devices.

– Description: must be 300 characters minimum, explaining to the user what he will find in your app

– Keywords: 5 at least 10 maximum

– Support URL: it appears on your app sheet to provide some support to users if needed

– Marketing URL (optional): a link where users can find more information about the app.


13. Click + next to Build to upload your updated build.


The + is only available after your compiled app has been uploaded to your iTunes Connect account from Xcode or the iOS Auto-publish.

14. Select your build and click Done.


15. In General App Information

– Upload your app’s icon (This icon will appear on the App Store, it must be in JPG or PNG format, 1024×1024, at least 72 DPI, RGB colours, not contain layers or rounded corners, and can’t contain alpha channels or transparencies).
– Edit the Rating of your app and select how often each content description appears in your app.
– Enter the Copyright: The person or entity that owns the exclusive rights to your app, preceded by the year the rights were obtained (for example, “2016 Siberian CMS”).
– (Optional) The Trade Representative Contact Information. You can provide additional information that will be displayed with your app on the Korean App Store. This information will only appear on the Korean App Store.
– (Optional) Routing App Coverage File. Specify the geographic regions supported by your app. The file must be in the .geojson format.


16. In-App Review Information, enter your contact info where Apple can contact you with issues regarding the review process.

This information is not visible to your app users.

If your app integrates a “My Account” tab, you have to provide a user Demo Account to connect to your app.

17. In Version-Release, select Automatically release this version.


18. Click Submit for Review.


19. In Export Compliance and Content Rights, select No.

In Advertising Identifier, select No if you have not added AdMob ads and click Submit.

Otherwise, select Yes, select the following, and click Submit if you have added AdMob ads.


 publish App on Apple App store



Voila! You’ve published App on the Apple App Store.

(Your app’s status is now Waiting for Review, and it will be available on the App Store within a few days.)

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