How to Use Places Feature

How to Use Places Feature

How to Use Places Feature: you will be able to create a list of geolocated places. It will display all the places on a map, or, if the user opens the sheet of a particular location, he will be able to get the path and directions to this location by walking or driving. The listing of the locations is sort according to the distance between the locations and the user, from closest to farthest.

Click on the “Add Pages” section to add the feature to your app:

Note: If you want the “Around you” Search Settings, you have to set it up before adding places to the feature.

Add Places
Add Search tabs

You can also add a search tab in the feature. You can search your different points of interest based on four types of search:

How to Use Places Feature

Just check the search filters which should be displayed in your app.

  • Text” allows you to do a classic search by text (for example, you can search for a “park”)
  • Type” allows you to search by tags.
  • Address” allows you to search by address.
  • Around you” allows you to only display places in the radius you set up (in km)

Finally, here is the result inside the app:

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