How To Use Contact Feature On Swiftspeed app builder

Do you know by using the Swiftspeed app builder, You can set up a page to display your business’s direction and contact information? Yes, the Contact feature allows your app users to reach you directly without the hassle.

Contact Feature On Our App Maker:  This feature allows you to create a contact page for your business. To add this feature to your app, click on CONTACT in the “Add Pages” section. Still not clear about making your first app? Click here.

Swiftspeed app builder

Here is what it looks like in the app:

Swiftspeed app builder

Viola, You have now set up a contact page for your business. Your app users will be able to connect to you through various means. Swiftspeed App builder lets you create this page to communicate between you and your customer, an easy task.

The page name itself is a call-to-action;

Contact us pages are often the go-to for a new visitor on a mission. It’s where they go when they have a question and truly want to speak to an individual at your organization; therefore, every app needs to have. They exist to serve the user to provide the user with information on how they can get in touch with you.

Every contact us page aims to convert by clearly and effectively presenting the method(s) of getting in touch with a company as quickly as possible.

Now that you know what the best contact us pages include, ready to see some all-star examples?

You’re in luck; follow the above guide and this feature to your app accordingly.

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