How To Make A Radio App With Our App Maker

How To Make A Radio App With Our App Maker

Do you know that you can make a radio with our app creator? Technical knowledge or coding is not required. Just use our Radio feature to create a mobile app for your radio station without coding.

With the “Radio” feature, you can add a radio streaming inside your app.

It’s straightforward to set up, but you need to have a good streaming URL.

Here is how a good streaming URL looks like for our “Radio” feature:


Your URL mustn’t end by “listen. pls” or “listen.m3u”, etc. Meaning that if your URL is, you need to keep

Note that sometimes you will need to add “/;” at the end of your URL to make it work both on Android and iOS, for example,;

Note: Since Apple requires apps to use IPV6 networks, streams URL needs a domain name and not an IP to work properly on iOS: rather than

%Swiftspeed Appcreator%App Maker

Then fill in the fields with the appropriate info, like in this example:

Make A Radio App with swiftspeed Appcreator

Then you have to click on Save, and you’ve just set up a radio streaming in your app.

Note: Streams using audio/aacp with a 32kbps bitrate are not working. You have to use a greater bitrate.

Note: The Mozilla Firefox web browser does not support the AACP/AAC+ audio format. If the Radio feature does not work, check that you are not trying to open an AAC+ stream with Firefox. It works perfectly with Chromium/Chrome.

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