How to use Weather Feature In Your App: Our App maker can help you to seamlessly integrate a beautiful Weather function in your app using API, or completely build your own weather app. If you are unclear on how to go about using features of our open source app builder please click here. Now let us get started

You will need an OpenWeatherMap API key for this feature to work.

Simply register here

Then when logged in get the API Key in your “API Keys” tab

How To Use Weather Feature In Your App


Now after getting your API-Key go to your editor admin area and click on Menu, Select Api Keys, Locate open Weather and fill your API KEY generated from OpenWeatherMap.


This feature offers a weather widget in your app to display the forecasts for a particular city or for your users location.

After filling your ApiKey from the menu, go back to features tab, select Weather

 in the “Add Pages” section to add the feature to your app:

You just have to choose a country and a city, then save.

This is how it looks like in your app:

Your users will be able to change the location to their own, if they click/tap on “Change location“.