To create a folder, click on  in the “add pages” part:


Give the folder a name and a subtitle.

Override layout: It’s a setting useful for the subfolders. You can set a general design on the “design” tab, for all the subfolders, but if you want to use a specific design for a subfolder, you can set it with this setting.

To create a subfolder, you have to click on . If you want to change the name, the subtitle or the cover/thumbnail image, you only have to click on  and to re-arrange folders simply drag & drop them, you can nest up to 12 levels.
Add features to your Folders
Note: You can ONLY add to your folders the features you have already created.Adding a feature to one of your folders is very easy. First: select the folder in which you want to add a feature. Then click on the feature you want to add to this folder.

Here we are. We have added our first feature to a folder. Do the same for each feature you want to add.

Editing your features
You will see that, once you have added a feature to a folder, this feature will not appear anymore in the main feature slider. To manage the features you have added on some folders, you have to open the Folders page. Then select the folder or the subfolder in which the feature you want to manage is.Click on the feature you want to edit.

To go back to the home of your app, click on this icon 

Removing a feature from a Folder

Once you have moved a feature into a folder, you still have the possibility to remove it from it.To do this click on the cross:

Customize your Folder

You can customize the appearance of the folder and subfolders with the design tab:

In the “Settings” tab, you can add a Search bar, and the “card” design:

Without card design:

With card design:


With the Fan Wall feature, users of your application will be able to post comments and/or photos and to discuss among themselves.

1. Add a Fan Wall

Click on  on the “Add Pages” section:

You can set the “Near me” settings. It will allow a user to display on the Fan Wall only comments/photos from users around him, in the radius you have determined.

2. Add Posts

You can add posts directly from the Editor by clicking on  next to “Add Content“:

  • Title“: It’s the title of the post
  • Subtitle“: It will be displayed under the title, it’s a summary of the post.
  • You can create the body of your post in the Text Editor.
  • Insert a picture“: You will be able to illustrate your post with a picture.

Here it how it looks in the app:


Or you and the users of the app can add messages on the Fan Wall through the application. Just click on the little icon in the upper right corner of the Fan Wall page.

Then create an account or log in (if you already have an account). And then type your message and/or upload a picture.

3. Manage contents

Back to the editor ! You can manage your news via the “Manage content” tab:

  • “Magnifying glass”: Display a summary of the news.
  • “Pen”: Edit the news.
  • “Speech bubble”: Display the comments of the news.
  • “Eye”: Hide the news.
  • “Cross”: Delete the news.
You can choose another design for this page in the “Design” tab:



Finally, you can add a Background image for the feature in the “Background” tab: