How To Publish Your Application From Editor Admin To Download Apk For Your App On SWIFTSPEED APPCREATOR

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To able to download the apk after creating and designing your application you need to select a subscription package

without this you can not see the Apk generator feature and source code download features


Now scroll back up and click on Ready To Publish


After fill in your information, be reminded that no credit card is required as all subscription is free. Just select subscription by ticking the box and click on save

Accept our privacy policy and click on validate

Violaa you’re done

go back to the application you just published and you’d notice new options to download both Android & Ios Source code and as well generate APK.

Click generate Apk, wait 1Minute for your app sources to generate and you’d be email a link to download your apk, you can also download it from the editor back end too

Publishing your already created application on our free Appmaker platform SWIFTSPEED-APPCREATOR is important as that grants you access to download and testing functionalities. After Publishing Your Application, you’d have options to download source code for both the android and iOS version of the application you created. You can as well generate the apk and have our software compile the apk and make available from your editor back end, all you have to do is click on generate apk and after 60seconds your apk is available for downloading, you can then install the apk on your phone for live testing.. I hope that this is well explained in the video, if it isn’t kindly leave a comment.



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