Create your AdMob account

Admob is a google product that allow publishers “developers” earn revenue from their app by placing adverts

To integrate admob in your application and starts earning revenue Login to AdMob at and create your account after choosing your google account. Certainly a gmail address is needed to do this.

3. Create your ad

Once logged in Admob, you reach this page:

Click on “Apps” and on “ADD APP“:

Next, if you published your app, click on “YES“, you will have to search for your app on the stores. If “NO“, enter an “App name” and select the platform on which you want to publish your app:

Click on  and choose from interstitial or banner (rewarded is not supported). Give a name to the Ad and click on “CREATE AD UNIT“:

Note down the ad unit ID:

You can repeat the same process to create another kind of ad, or the same kind of ad but for another kind of system/device.

4. Add your ad unit ID to your app

Go to your Editor, in the Publication tab of your app.

Check “Monetize my app using AdMob?” and enter the ad unit ID you just created:

That’s all you’re good to go

Click on Login Below to go to your dashboard