SWIFTSPEED APPCREATOR is an open source, free, multi-platform supported Application maker , it is intellectual property of SSU-TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. it allows both developer and individual with no coding skills to build powerful apps.

How do I get started with SWIFTSPEED-APPCREATOR?

It’s pretty simple, just read through our documentation on, sign-up and get started.


Is there any limitations on the number of applications I can create?

No, SWIFTSPEED APPCREATOR is an open source APPMAKER, there is no limit to the number of applications you can create, however due to sharing of resources with other users like you, we limit the number of apps you can create to just 2 within a month. Total number of 12 apps within A year, however if you wish to create more than 2 Apps within a month, you need to ensure that both apps you’ve created within that month are published on Google play; just then you may reach out to us for reconsideration, If you don’t have both Applications created within a month on Google play OR IOS App Store, please don’t reach out. Kindly wait till a new month before you create more apps.

My Apps got deleted why?

We may restrict access to your application if you put in too much resources than needed. If you wish to retain an application you need to ensure that at least 20 people use the Application per month, however this doesn’t apply if you’re not using a free plan, if you’re using a paid plan you can have as many apps as you want as long as the subscription for them active you have full control over it. For the free plan users, if your application is published on Google play we won’t restrict or delete them. In real cases, an app is usually deleted if our specialists detect any violation of our term of services, these includes restriction if an app has little or no user at all within 2 months of publishing or the Application violates our privacy policy or general intellectual property  of another organization.

Are there pricing for SWIFTSPEED-APPCREATOR?
Yes but it’s completely free to create Applications, free to generate Application source codes and free to generate latest apk version of your apps, However not all features you can add to your applications are free, we offer more powerful feature that you need to pay for in order to use them in your applications, click here to see them. Or click here to check the whole pricing

Do you offer publication service to Apps store or Google play?

You have the choice, to publish the apps yourself, let your clients publish the apps themselves, or pay us to publish your apps. If you publish yourself, to help you with the publication process, we offer articles and videos explaining how to publish an app on the Apple App Store in less than 15min, and less than 5min for Google Play. And with the APK Generator, you don’t have to compile any Android apps, it is automatically compiled. If you prefer that we publish the apps for you, you can buy our publication service from here (pricing is for one app, one submission).

Can I create Applications from my clients?

Yes of course you can, you can even customize a platform for your client using our paid white label configuration, with the white label, you can integrate your domain, and create a login page for your client on your own domain  contact us

What constitutes a violation on your platform, what can get me blocked or have my apps deleted?

Please be informed that we take our privacy policy seriously, few of these policies include

∆ creating multiple apps with almost or the same features,

∆ creating apps with little or no features at all,

∆ creating apps with no users or activity,

in cases like this we may have the application deleted from our server within 60 business days If no changes is made. Additionally we forbid impersonation or use of intellectual property on your individual Application, in cases like this application owner shall be contacted to make corrections within 10business days, if no changes is made within 30days we may take additional enforcement or delete the entire violating Application.

What kind of Application can I create?

Please read here.

Do you already have some clients in my country?

We are working with countries all over the world: North and South America (US, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and more), Middle East countries, European countries, Africa and Asia.

If I update or make changes to features on my application do I need to update it on playstore?

No, perhaps not for all features, your users will automatically get the new changes you made to your application without having to reinstall the Application. However if you change features like Application icon or app name you’ll need to regenerate and reinstall your application,this can be done under publishing tab within your editor area, Apps made with SWIFTSPEED APPCREATOR don’t need to be republished when you edits your app for the most part of the app. To know more about what can and can’t be edited after the apps are published, you can take a look at the article below

[Your app is automatically up to date.
The only things you can’t modify on your apps without new submissions are : app icon, app startup image (splash screen), app name, app description, categories and keywords, and the mobile website url (in settings>domain).
Another point concerns the “audio” feature, if you have bought it: if you want it to work with multitasking (navigate through your phone, outside your app, with music keep on playing), you have to integrate it on your first publishing, if your app is already published when you add this feature, it will not work in multitasking mode, and you will have to submit again if you want the audio to work in multitasking.

But design, colors and of course features are editable when you want and without new publication proces]

Do you have Documentation for us and our clients ?

Yes we will give you access to a complete documentation on how to use the platform, the features and how to publish apps quickly.

Will I be able to create my application without coding?

Yes absolutely, just drag and drop and you’ll be able to create any Application that you want

Can I monetize my application?

Absolutely yes, we will give you 100% of Admob ad-space. Just fill in your ads I.D and you’ll get paid by google when you accrue enough earning click here to see how to integrate Admob ads in your app.

Is there a virtual phone that display the progress of our application?

Yes there is, However this virtual phone will only display with pc, so preferably while you are creating your apps, you should always use a pc to show your virtual phone so you can track the progress of every features you add in your app.

Is your solution open source ?

Yes absolutely, you owned your application 100% with full source codes and you’re welcome to contribute if you’re a developer.

 Application made with your solution are they available to be published on Google play?

For the APKs (Android app), yes, the APKs will be automatically generated. The IPA file for the iOS apps can’t be automatically compiled from a server, because the compilation process must be done through the Xcode software from Apple, and thus from an Apple computer. That means that iOS apps must be compiled manually, and Android apps will be automatically generated.

How to publish the Application on app stores ?

Please read this documentation 

If you can’t go through the process you can buy iOS publishing service from us

I need a developer for custom application can I get one?

Yes click here to buy the service

Can we sell online??

Yes E-commerce and WOO-COMMERCE is available for integration.

Like other apps maker do you advertise any of the SWIFTSPEED-APPCREATOR brand in my apps?.

Oh No we don’t, Swiftspeed Appcreator is open source and strictly white label, as said earlier you own your application completely.

Can I send push notifications to users ?

Yes absolutely you can

What if there’s a bug?

Our work is to improve the platform and solve bugs that could occur even if we have tested the solution before releasing it. Upgrades and fixes will be released in the case you find a bug. And if you encounter a bug on your install, you can create a bug ticket in your dedicated support access and the tech team will fix it asap

Which platform and devices are supported?

Apps made with SWIFTSPEED APPCREATOR can be published on Google Play for Android devices and on the Apple App Store for iOS devices. In terms of devices, that means Android phones and tablets, iPhones (4 to X) and iPads. In term of OS version, SWIFTSPEED-APPCREATOR supports Android version starting from 4.0.1 version and versions above (very last version included), and iOS starting from 8.1 version and versions above (very last version included). In most of the cases the new OS versions support the apps made for older versions, but if they don’t it is our job to update the CMS to support the very last versions of each OS.

Can my application work offline?

Yes. Apps work offline. At the first launch of the app a window asks the user if they want to download the content of the app to get it offline

Can I import apps made with another provider?

You can’t transfer the content of an app made at another provider. What you can do is to update your existing app by creating a new version of this app on the stores. You will need for each app the keystore certificate and its associated password to update the Android version. For iOS updates, nothing is required from the previous provider. For both stores, you will need the developer account credentials of course.

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